Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sophia's Family...

I chose this blog title because of the little redhead who started it all. It has been my distinct pleasure to have photographed little Sophia since before she was able to walk or talk. Now she does both and I was so glad to again be called by her mom Amanda to take the entire tribe's Christmas photos this year. (Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie and Cousins included...) What a truly beautiful family this is. From the moment you pull up to their amazing house you can feel the warmth of true comraderie among this group. I loved observing their interaction as they all teased each other and comfortably showed affection but the one who garnered more attention than all was the unique baby of the group with the midnight eyes, Sophia. On this Thanksgiving day as I attempt to catch up on my homework I've brought with me, I am reminded by these photos of my own family and how blessed I am to have them around me. Be thankful for those that love you today and tell them so. You never know what tomorrow will bring or how much they'll appreciate you putting a voice to your feelings for them.

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