Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Photo-Op with the Farmer Family

This photography session was truly unique because it didn't take place here locally but took the term "on location" literally as we loaded up the SUV wherein I, the entire Farmer family and their nanny (hi Twyla =), squeezed together for a trek down to none other than New Orleans, Louisiana. I am so happy to finally share these gorgeous photos with you and feel obligated to say that these 5 below just barely scratch the surface for the beautiful portraits I was so honored to capture on this weekend out. Clayton and Tonya are so in love with one another and their cuter-than-cute children and thus, the good feelings just ooze from each and every shot. With the exception of wrangling those hypnotic eyes to focus on my lens, this shoot was effortless and honestly so much fun. Enjoy what you see and as always, leave me a line!

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