Thursday, December 23, 2010

David & Wendy Stone

Meet David and Wendy. On their photo-shoot I walked them around some of the more urban areas of the city and before it was over I had a fence "tagged" in graffiti with their initials, had them leaping into the air repeatedly and climbing into some pretty precarious bushes/buildings. What I did not know at the time, is that they are expecting their first child! I love this couple!! They were up for absolutely anything and as a result we got more than one stunning shot of this adorable pair - wish I could post them all...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rev. Rex Johnson & Family

Rex, Patti, Kaitlin, Misty, Damon, Kaden, Conner, Cassidy, Brad & Wyndsor. Now that's a mouthful! This family was wonderful to work with, and despite their uncertainty about the location, they worked each frame as absolute troopers and were dismissed with zero snake-bites or poison ivy (much to their relief (and mine))! Each photograph portrays the gorgeous light of what had been an amazing afternoon and I adore how you can view their portraits and just feel the tight-knit bond that they share. Can't wait to work with them again.

3 K's: Katrina, Kara & Kynzie

What a lot of fun these 3 were! This mom and her girls are absolutely beautiful and I am so glad we were able to nail down an appointment time and get these photographs made. Each K has her own distinct look and personality but yet they are still very much a blend of one another and quite the tight little trio. Happy viewing!

Wyndsor Garner Wilkinson

One of the newer additions to this old earth, Wyndsor was welcomed by Cassidy and Brad on October 14th. Weighing in at 8lbs and 2oz and 21inches long, this baby boy is already a lady-killer with his big baby blues and sweet disposition which is much like his mommy & dad's. Taken just a week after his birth, we managed to get all 4 generations of Wilkinson men into a couple of shots as well as try a few new ideas out that had his grandparents scared half to death. (See his little nest shot - but no worries, mom was right beneath him!) It was great to work with such open-minded parents when it came to the creativity of this shoot and I am so honored to have been a part of this little guy's introduction to the world from the beginning. Needless to say, I very much look forward to having "Wyn-Man" as a client of mine for a long, long time to come.

The Andrus Family

Kristen is a successful photographer herself with a growing little business that does quite well. So you might imagine the sense of pressure one has when photographing a colleague but as she is so well at doing, I was set right at ease with herself, her husband Steven and her two munchkins (Brennan & Ashlynn) as we strolled a few of the streets in downtown Columbia taking shots at every available opportunity until the children had had enough. I think they called it perfectly though as there was no need to shoot further... What we managed to create looks just about as precious as you can get.

Chris, Danette, Bella & Cole

This is the Sinclair family. So sweet and absolutely beautiful! I'm telling you - I love that I am blessed to do what I love and to do so with people so great looking!! Photographed at their home, we traipsed about their property to shoot with amazing light. The fall foliage only added to the storybook look of their photos - what a great afternoon!

The Rios Boys

You've never seen anything like these four ducklings. Treyson, Chandler, Lyndon and Brylar are the best behaved, full blooded "all boy" little men you've ever witnessed. Each of them has their own individual style that creates a unique personality to himself but together- they are the most adorable unit! I wish time would allow me to share each and every photo I captured on this shoot but as it prohibits me from doing so, these will have to suffice. I love these kids and their parents and am always guaranteed to collect amazing portraits when we schedule a photo-op with this family. Just see for yourself:

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Dunaways

The more time I spend with this family the more I grow to enjoy their company. T.J., GiGi, Blythe, Blake and Bryson are so tight-knit and sweet and lots of fun to be around. I love their nick-names for each other and how they all rib one another in good fun. Being with the Dunaways makes you feel like a true part of their family and I like to think that as their friend and family photographer, I in some small way, am just that.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Adam Ham

It is hard for me to look at these photos and not see the little boy that I met some 5+ years ago. Yet, here he stands, nearly taller than me - definitely not so little anymore. Adam has become my "adopted" nephew of sorts and I have had the most fun watching him turn into this amazing person who is so confident and sweet and charming and such a cutie! Thanks to his mom Julee for letting him take his school lunch break off-campus so we could all spend some time together and snag a few shots for her to add to her kiddos wall of fame. I think the time was well spent and very much worth it!

Jay, Demetra, Jayda, Jayce & Juliana

When you read the title of this entry you may just end up tongue tied by all of the J's. But that's not the only thing that'll leave ya speechless when you see how amazing this family looks! Jay & Demetra invited me to their stunning home to catch this year's family portraits and it made for the perfect backdrop for a number of different "poses" both together and separately. The kiddos are absolutely gorgeous and the family as a whole gives a picture-perfect view of modern southern charm. Enjoy!


Charleigh & Chandler Smith are individually pretty neat kiddos. (I know they'll love me calling them that...) But together they make a hilarious duo. I always end up laughing when they're together. The way they play off of each other as only siblings can do keeps you smiling even when you're attempting for the 400th time to instruct a shot. I loved that their beautiful and so sweet mom Tara was able to join us for this photo-op, and that we have caught on camera a few smiles that will now be frozen in time forever.

Kayla Gibson

Looking far more like 18 than her 15+ years, Kayla is a stunning girl with long brown hair many would kill for and eyes to match. I love this girl's independent spirit. While she is very much a "cowgirl/tomboy" quick to admit she'd love a pick-up truck and loves her sports- this brunette also has a softer looking feminine side and has learned to rock herself out in heels, the color pink and the occasional animal print. What a great combination to cause the boys to run into line!