Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Farmer Family

There are times when, as a photographer, things are less than stellar for the preparation of your shoot. No matter how hard you plan on the light, or how early you arrive, or how much thought you put into your creation, you still have a nagging feeling about whether or not you'll be able to pull it off and then - wah-la! The images that come back to you as you begin the editing process cause your eyes to well up and the sounds of the shoot echo through your head and cause you to smile and enjoy the tedious process of culling photos and touching up this or that. THIS, was one of those very times. Clayton, Tonya, Wallace and Gracelyn provided such an enormous amount of love in each and every one of their photos that as I stared at them I visually imagined myself jumping into their lives and being a part of this crew. What an amazing time we had together on the night of their shoot as I explored their many acre property for Twighlight-esque shots with their Crewcut model looking children or went MadMen style with the sophisticated couple or finally, as we transformed the master bedroom into a white down comforter/pillow-fight haven. I love these moments I captured with the Farmer family - I hope you will too.

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