Saturday, June 19, 2010

Emma Gwin

Emma was my 1st pet photo-op. I was a little surprised when her "mom" Stacy called and asked me to do a shoot with her 3lb malti-poo but none-the-less, I happily accepted. I am always up for a challenge and believe that working with babies and small children and brides and over-anxious mommies has made me a pretty patient photographer so I expected this session to go so easily. How much "work" could a tiny little pooch be? Did she ever prove me wrong! I got more excercise in running after this little ball of fluff than I ever have on any op but it was so much fun. Outfitted with more collars than you've ever seen a puppy have and with 2buckets full of toys and blankets, Stacy and I worked hard with little Emma to attain some priceless photos. I am thankful for clients who trust their most precious treasures with me and this was no less than just that. Emma isn't only a "pet", she is a therapy-dog used to encourage elderly patients to interact outside of themselves both prolonging and improving their life span. Pretty big job for such a small package but with her sweet personality, I've no doubt she earns her place in Stacy's life as "top-dog" and especially deserved her r&r after a drive all the way from Alabama where we then exhausted her with "collar" changes, setting her up in different backdrops (a Magnolia tree included) and ran her hard through tall grass to get that smiley (tongue out) look. But I believe the results were totally worth it and I think it's kind of cool to now add "pet photographer" to my repertoire.

Cowgirl In Training: Analese

Analese was born a California girl but life has now landed her in Spring Branch, TX where she's adapting quite well to becoming a southern belle through and through. Cowgirl boots, heat, humidity and the whole southern way of life seems to wear well on her. When we last parted ways as her mom moved away from a short stint in my small hometown, Analese was a little baby princess with close cropped chocolate curls and dark eyes. Today, she still sports the dark and somber peepers and the hair's a good bit longer but she's as much royalty as she ever was - and who would blame her? The youngest of 5 (she's got 4 OLDER brothers), I was happy to treat this sweetheart with her very own photo-op with mom and dad along for the ride. Shot around the Guadalupe river at a very late time of day, the lighting worked beautifully and Analese rocked the lens. Just see for yourself...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Shivers: Chris, Marlene, Beasley & August

It's been a while since I last worked with this gorgeous family and since our last photo-op a lot has happened. Not only has little Ms. Beasley grown on up, but she recently became a big sister to little August Henry (love his name!). So while this shoot was predominately about the kiddos, we did manage to include mom and dad into a few shots and the parental love coming through their frames kind of puts a lump in one's throat. The Shivers are truly sweet and fully in love and I am so happy to finally be able to share them with you...