Thursday, December 24, 2009

Adrian Johnson Senior Portraits

Adrian Johnson's senior shoot was quite possibly the longest non-wedding shoot I ever done but it was a lot of fun. With a half dozen wardrobe changes and at least as many different locations, we nailed some incredible photos of this graduate-elect. Mom, big brother and boyfriend accompanied Adrian as she climbed an enormous bridge cross-tie (in heels no less), and braved the frigid temps in just a slip of a dress atop a motorcycle that her sweet boyfriend loaned as a prop for one of her series of shots. Adrian is an incredibly sweet girl with killer gorgeous eyes and really great style which she plans to use in her future plans in cosmotology. Good luck girl! You'll knock em' dead!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Lees and Kinseys

Leslee Lee and I weren't all together sure that this photo-op would happen as typical MS weather threatened to shut down the shoot with rain. But fortunately, the rain stayed back. The cold however did not and Lesley, her husband Heath and their daughter Madalyn along with Lesley's brothers Ryan, Ross and his daughter Kylan braved the chilly air to work their family for the perfect shot as a special gift for mom this Christmas. While Lesley was definately the one in charge of this brood and kept everyone focused and going, Heath kept little Maddy calm (she was in no real mood for the cold OR for picture taking) and Kylan rocked the lens like a true champ as her dad and his twin brother often assisted me in trying to elicit smiles from the little tykes. This was a really fun family to photograph and I love how you can "feel the love" in each and every one of their shots.

AnnaKate and Cole

These cousins are only 9 weeks apart and though little Cole is actually the older of the two, it's true what they say about girls maturing faster because even at this young age, Anna Kate took on this photo shoot like a pro. She braved the frigid air, climbed up fences and into buggies at the Ag Center in Jackson where we did this shoot and gave me her most solemn of smiles for each frame while Cole on the other hand had to be rounded up at every turn. But oh wasn't it worth it when you see how breathtaking those beautiful baby blues are. I love to photograph small children for the express purpose of capturing that innocence in their eyes. No matter what the color, they all scream of new beginnings and curiosity that always seems to grab me as I view them through the lens. Leave me a line and tell me what you see in these gorgeous kids. Oh, and check out Ms. Anna Kate's mother's website that specializes in children's clothing: - Her name is Andrea and she has got great stuff for both boys and girls. Needless to say, her excellent taste made the fact that she called me for this session a really great treat!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Powell Family Portraits

OK. So this shoot was different than the others because it was the first time I've ever shot in weather so cold as it was on this morning. Darrin, Marilyn, Darra, Darrin Wesley and Drew were total sports about it though and put their game faces on (albeit though that may have just been because they were frozen in place)! The Powell family are such sweet people and were so patient with me as I moved them up and down the streets of Columbia for their early morning photo-op. Occasionally, I have a "star" from each shoot that I do and most often I am surprised as it typically winds up being the last person I forsee stealing each frame but this one I pegged rigtht from the start. While 5yr old Darra with her sapphire blue eyes and 3yr old brother with his pouty red lips are just adorable, it was baby brother Drew whom I fell for the minute he bounded out of the family SUV. Full of different expressions and so lively - I constantly found my lens zeroing in on his infectious grin. And now, in spite of the challenge of the less than stellar weather, here are a few of my favs from the shoot.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Larry, Susan, Max, Grady & Sam

Larry and Susan Hill have been friends of mine and Mitch's for about seven years or so now. And sadly, it is our mis-fortune that we only get to see them a few times a year as time and distance have separated us more than great friends would ever wish. So, when Susan called me to ask me if I had an opening, I worked it out with my hubby where we could swing through their home city of Tupelo on our way back from Thanksgiving break to do this family's photo-shoot. (Their very first "professional" shoot as a family btw...) I met this great couple shortly after the birth of their first son Max, and was then honored to be present on both the arrival of their second boy Grady, followed by baby sister Sam. All three of the Hill kids have the most unique personalities and I thoroughly enjoyed tagging along with them to see what expression they would have me snap next. The result are as follows - photographs of an incredibly beautiful family that are guaranteed to be shared for a long time to come!