Saturday, December 12, 2009

AnnaKate and Cole

These cousins are only 9 weeks apart and though little Cole is actually the older of the two, it's true what they say about girls maturing faster because even at this young age, Anna Kate took on this photo shoot like a pro. She braved the frigid air, climbed up fences and into buggies at the Ag Center in Jackson where we did this shoot and gave me her most solemn of smiles for each frame while Cole on the other hand had to be rounded up at every turn. But oh wasn't it worth it when you see how breathtaking those beautiful baby blues are. I love to photograph small children for the express purpose of capturing that innocence in their eyes. No matter what the color, they all scream of new beginnings and curiosity that always seems to grab me as I view them through the lens. Leave me a line and tell me what you see in these gorgeous kids. Oh, and check out Ms. Anna Kate's mother's website that specializes in children's clothing: - Her name is Andrea and she has got great stuff for both boys and girls. Needless to say, her excellent taste made the fact that she called me for this session a really great treat!

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