Saturday, December 5, 2009

Powell Family Portraits

OK. So this shoot was different than the others because it was the first time I've ever shot in weather so cold as it was on this morning. Darrin, Marilyn, Darra, Darrin Wesley and Drew were total sports about it though and put their game faces on (albeit though that may have just been because they were frozen in place)! The Powell family are such sweet people and were so patient with me as I moved them up and down the streets of Columbia for their early morning photo-op. Occasionally, I have a "star" from each shoot that I do and most often I am surprised as it typically winds up being the last person I forsee stealing each frame but this one I pegged rigtht from the start. While 5yr old Darra with her sapphire blue eyes and 3yr old brother with his pouty red lips are just adorable, it was baby brother Drew whom I fell for the minute he bounded out of the family SUV. Full of different expressions and so lively - I constantly found my lens zeroing in on his infectious grin. And now, in spite of the challenge of the less than stellar weather, here are a few of my favs from the shoot.

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