Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lowe Family Photo-Op

Devon and Sheila Lowe are some of the sweetest people I've ever met. I absolutely love their spirit and so, it was a little disconcerting when at the end of a shoot on a local property, a woman pulled up and asked us to get off the land. Though I did tell her I looked to ask permission but there was noone around, nor were there No Trespassing signs but in fact, a For Sale sign in the front yard, she still asked that we leave. I was tickled though that we had already got the photos we needed before we had to get out. I think Somone upstairs really looks out for me sometimes. LOL. Anyway, this land had an old, abandoned, enormous house sitting on it that made for the perfect backdrop for this family's photo-shoot. Their two children, Davis & Annabell, are so cute and so full of personality and acted in perfect sport for the pictures as we traveled from the house to a local development called The Quarry to wrap up the photo-op. The result was well worth all the hassle of moving around and I am so glad I got to be the first to capture this family's first ever photo session! Well, that's it - you know what to do from here. Enjoy.

Meet My Parents

Jimmie & Robin Hughes are my parents. They began pastoring a home missions church in the small town of Seguin, TX just shy of a year ago and are working hard to make it happen and so I wanted to give them a little "mini-shoot" as a sort of gift and took them about their little downtown to snap some photographs of the greatest gift this town has ever had - them. I love that my mom and dad are still so in love and how they give an ever present example that you can overcome anything and that despite statistics, couples can stay together this day in age. As I sit in a very cool coffee-shop, ChiroJava, here in Seguin and blog this, I can see the potential of this small but very eclectic town and my heart nearly bursts for the people here. I pray for them all and hope when you read this, you too, will offer up a voice to heaven and ask God's blessing upon the endeavors being made here by my parentals to touch the lives of those that live in this place. I love you mom and dad and I am so proud of you both! Keep up the great work and enjoy the photos. I sure did!

Downtown With the Moore's...

Jonathan Moore is pastor of Northrock Church of San Antonio, TX. He and his wife Alicia (whom I was very pleased to meet for the first time on this shoot) along with their boys, Mason and Britton recently moved from Austin, TX to begin this new venture in their lives not too many months past, and are doing an incredible job on the far north side of the city. While the morning of the shoot got off to a slow start, I am so glad we got it together and were able to meet downtown for the family's first photo-op with me. The heat was actually bearable and the locations were perfect for what turned out to be an incredible hour of photography. I am excited about what God is doing through the lives of these sweet and very beautiful people and I count it an honor to call them my friends. Check out their site at and if you're ever in town, be sure and drop in for a visit. You're sure to be blessed for it. Thanks for letting me "shoot" you guys - as I knew it would, the photos are amazing. But don't take my word for it... see for yourself.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Courtney & Darren Are Engaged!

Courtney and Darren are so in love and I had such a fun time following them about with my camera. Though I've known Courtney for a few years, it was a pleasure to meet her future groom for the first time on this shoot. Mr.Rose, (love his last name!) seems to be an incredibly easy-going, genuinely good guy which is always refreshing when you know of so many who aren't. The photo-op began at the Mercer Arboretum in Spring, TX and continued to an old car sales lot and we wrapped it up on a piece of property behind an old abandoned building - these kind of locations are often my favorite places to work! Congratulations you two! I look forward to working with you this year and count it an honor you chose to share your storybook romance with me.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Prater Family Portraits

These family photos carry a special place with me because the Praters, are my family. Chloe and Raegan the babies to my aunt and uncle are more like my nieces than my first cousins and I love them to death. I don't know if two more beautiful girls exist on this planet. I also enjoyed capturing some of the sweet little "love moments" between Richard and Julie when they thought noone was looking. The family decked themselves in some comfy jeans and plaid and went barefoot through a local empty horse farm. For the girls individual shoots, we roamed the small town of Huffman (the hometown of my childhood) and checked out a local public garden. I am so excited about these photos and hope you too can appreciate the beauty shared below.

Dement Family Portraits

I made it to TX this week and began my photoshoots almost immediately. One of my first was that of a very real cowboy, Mr. Colton Dement. This little dude was incredibly cute. So expressive (see his "Rolling Stones tongue out" shot below) and such a sweetie, his mom and dad, Joel and Kim (who has the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen) are raising this boy up well. I warned the group that this would be no ordinary shoot and I am sure they were a bit surprised when we pulled up to an abandoned outlet off the side of the road but the background couldn't have been a more perfect setting for the family and their western wear. Thank you guys for trusting my instincts and letting me do what I do - the results as you can see, were marvelous!