Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meet My Parents

Jimmie & Robin Hughes are my parents. They began pastoring a home missions church in the small town of Seguin, TX just shy of a year ago and are working hard to make it happen and so I wanted to give them a little "mini-shoot" as a sort of gift and took them about their little downtown to snap some photographs of the greatest gift this town has ever had - them. I love that my mom and dad are still so in love and how they give an ever present example that you can overcome anything and that despite statistics, couples can stay together this day in age. As I sit in a very cool coffee-shop, ChiroJava, here in Seguin and blog this, I can see the potential of this small but very eclectic town and my heart nearly bursts for the people here. I pray for them all and hope when you read this, you too, will offer up a voice to heaven and ask God's blessing upon the endeavors being made here by my parentals to touch the lives of those that live in this place. I love you mom and dad and I am so proud of you both! Keep up the great work and enjoy the photos. I sure did!


  1. Your Parents are TOO CUTE! My favorite is "the dip" picture! As always Awesome Job!

  2. Love your family! Great photos Rose!