Friday, June 19, 2009

Prater Family Portraits

These family photos carry a special place with me because the Praters, are my family. Chloe and Raegan the babies to my aunt and uncle are more like my nieces than my first cousins and I love them to death. I don't know if two more beautiful girls exist on this planet. I also enjoyed capturing some of the sweet little "love moments" between Richard and Julie when they thought noone was looking. The family decked themselves in some comfy jeans and plaid and went barefoot through a local empty horse farm. For the girls individual shoots, we roamed the small town of Huffman (the hometown of my childhood) and checked out a local public garden. I am so excited about these photos and hope you too can appreciate the beauty shared below.

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  1. These are such sweet family pictures. Your tiny models are gorgeous! :)