Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cowgirl In Training: Analese

Analese was born a California girl but life has now landed her in Spring Branch, TX where she's adapting quite well to becoming a southern belle through and through. Cowgirl boots, heat, humidity and the whole southern way of life seems to wear well on her. When we last parted ways as her mom moved away from a short stint in my small hometown, Analese was a little baby princess with close cropped chocolate curls and dark eyes. Today, she still sports the dark and somber peepers and the hair's a good bit longer but she's as much royalty as she ever was - and who would blame her? The youngest of 5 (she's got 4 OLDER brothers), I was happy to treat this sweetheart with her very own photo-op with mom and dad along for the ride. Shot around the Guadalupe river at a very late time of day, the lighting worked beautifully and Analese rocked the lens. Just see for yourself...

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