Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chase Cooksey's Senior Photo Shoot

I've had the pleasure of knowing Chase for around 5 years or so and it's never ceased to amaze me how this small town MS boy can stay so abreast of the trendiest new fashions and manage to pull them all off! Chase is a beautiful trust-fund baby who blows his family's wealth on fast cars and partying - JUST kidding - though I did tell him that's what he looked like in most of the shots we captured this weekend and apparently others agreed as we had to stop mid-shoot on several occasions while girls asked for a photo with him or would interrupt us to whistle and cat call. I believe he really is too pretty for his own good but very grateful he called me to do his Senior portraits as he takes fabulous photos of himself all the time without the help of many others. (See his Facebook sometime =) Chase is from Meridian but fit right in with the locals down in the big city of New Orleans and didn't even sweat when the band ACDC walked by inside a local hotel we caught some pictures in and nodded our way. (VERY cool moment btw!!) While he is a bit vain (inside joke), he is a true sweetheart and has big plans for his future including a desire to work inside of a graphic arts firm. In the meantime, Chase wants to wrap up his Senior year while juggling his acting career in live theatre - he just landed a role in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I know he'll do great! So here's another Senior who's name you'll surely see in lights someday - I'm just glad that I'll be able to say, "I knew him when..."

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