Friday, November 27, 2009

The Dunaway's

The Dunaway house was the first location that came to mind when GiGi asked me about doing their family portraits this year. It is a beautiful and stately home with lovely landscaping amidst the changing fall trees. After helping the family decide who should wear what, I got Blake and Bryson to work on hauling out one of the media room chaise lounges for a settee on the front drive island so as to set the perfect backdrop for this family's photo-op. After a quick primping of her hair, sister Blythe soon joined us and a tad bit later, dad T.J. showed up too. I don't know of many parents who are so much in love with their children as T.J. and GiGi are with their three. Evidence of their affection is not only in the constant gifts I know their brood to receive, but more importantly in the support they consistently show along with public hugs and back-pats and how at any time you can find one of these kids with their head leaned up against mom or dad. They're great parents, great examples and in general just truly great people.

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