Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Rivers Family

It is often joked that though Danny and Rachel didn't have a boy and a girl, they definately got one of each of their very own look-alikes in their two girls Noelle and Naomi. One shares her mother's dark hair and more serious features while the other has her daddy's smile and his mannerisms down pat. This is a beautiful family for far more many reasons than just their gorgeous looks, in that they do more than just pay lip-service to their Christian lifestyle but live it on a daily basis. This is the first family of LifePointe Church in San Antonio which was started by the Rivers family just a little over a year and half ago and already the magnitude of what they are trying to accomplish is being felt within their community as God continually blesses their efforts. I am so glad we were able to nail this photo-op down as it allowed me not only the opportunity to spend time with some dear friends of mine but to check out the San Jose Mission as well. The potential shots within the walls of this gorgeous old church community are limitless but here are a just a few of what we snagged on our afternoon out.

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  1. oh my goodness brandy! these are super! that location ROCKS!!