Friday, April 30, 2010

Ms. Madelyn Ham

Begged by this priss-pot for the past 6months or more to take her photos, it seemed as if I were gonna miss my opportunity to do just that until Madelyn got permission from her mother to spend a morning with me in leiu of school so that I could grab an hour to capture her photos. Beginning the op in her Easter dress and long curls, this 10year old primped and posed for the camera in the spirit of a true super-model and then let her inner girly side out with a great dress and hair pom-poms for a more playful 2nd half of the shoot and I believe these actually turned out to be some of my favorite. So, I'm pleased to finally share with you a few frames from the morning. I love Ms. Madelyn and, in advance, wish her a very happy birthday coming this May!

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