Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ashlie McEntyre's Senior Shoot

Though I've got no doubt that these photos could in fact speak 1000 words, I do feel the need to share at least a little blurb about our late afternoon photo-op. Ashlie was up for anything and determined to me that she was going to have the most original Senior portraits and so she let her fashion sense fly. Now I can stand witness to the fact that Ash has the beauty and the personality to rock a paper-sack but even I was a little cautious when she whipped out some of her "hair-ware" for the shoot which included a beaded skull cap her mother bought on a trip to Italy... Um, yeah. She was stunning in that cap and in each of her photos as she posed and cheesed and rocked her fierce face, frame for frame. With an acceptance letter from William Carey, Ashlie says that she still wants to keep her options open and with her talent, I've got no doubt she'll have the future of her choice. Congrats to you Ashlie! The class of 2010 is lucky to count you a part of it.

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  1. Great great pics! Lil mac is something else.