Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Fall's first day & baby Ryan Neal

Born on August 20th at 7lbs10oz & 20", Ryan Neal Bullock was welcomed into the world as not only the first grandchild on either his paternal or maternal side, but as the first baby born into his mother's side of the family in thirteen years! Needless to say, this little man is gonna have an easy life if family has anything to say about it. The name Ryan came from daddy Chris's middle name and Neal was an homage to a family name that belonged to momma Tamara's own father and other family going three generations back. I was so excited to be invited into the home of this great family and be the first photographer to "officially" take portraits of this little man at just a young four weeks old. He still had his peeling, wrinkled skin and smelled all warm and sweet as most babies do and though he wasn't all together up for a pile of smiles, he did open those little eyes up quite frequently and allowed us a look at his deep baby blues. Though the weather is still more mid-summer than the first day of fall, this day will be one to be remembered for years to come as one of all things new. Congratulations to my friends Chris and Tamara and their wonderful families! You've got a true prince among you.

This one's especially for daddy who is in fact, a PC. =)

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