Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Forecast: Cloudy, With A Definate Wedding!

I begin this post with a thanks to Amber and Conrad. Due to their beautiful wedding destination and the unusual circumstances of their special day, I feel more cultured and capable than I have prior to any other wedding I've had the pleasure to photograph.

The wedding was in Natchez, MS at the Rosalee Mansion. I've never really explored this city, save an occasional stop for a bite to eat on my way in or out of Mississippi/Louisiana but this past weekend I discovered a great new get-a-way. Wonderful and unique boutiques line the small downtown along with dozens of antique shops- and the historical old houses leave one longing for a more simple time when life was a little more slow and alot more grand.

No expense appeared to be spared for Saturday's outdoor event. The grounds were immaculant and decorated in the bride's chosen colors of blue, brown and cream and as beautiful violin music began the wedding party proceeded down the aisle. The bride finally made her entrance on her daddy's arm and after a tearful and sweet hug to her momma the ceremony started and let me just say, you've never seen a groom look so sweetly at his bride as Conrad did to Amber.

In no time, what had been a beautiful bright and sunny afternoon began to turn dark as clouds started rolling in with thunder and an occasional lightning bolt lit up the twilight sky. Just short of the presentation of the newlyweds, giant raindrops began falling and it became each one for themselves. A plan was quickly put in action to move the reception to a nearby hall at a local hotel. The drive over made it apparent this was not just a late summer rainshower but in fact, a major thunderstorm.

Within minutes after arriving at the hotel, the power went out and stayed that way for well over the next hour. Guests stayed cheerful despite the heat, and I joked with the violinist as he began to play inside the dark foyer that he was much like the Titanic's own musicians whose music helped calm the masses in the middle of all the chaos. Friends and family started working with candles and flashlights and a semblence of a reception was made. Then, just as everyone had settled into the warm darkness the power shot back on! Photos were rushed together just as Amber fell very sick and had to be put to bed.

Needless to say, this was definately a learning experience and while I'm sure it felt disastrous at the time, I think the photographs will allow only the good memories of the evening as they are shared with generations of Gulliot's and Herrington's to come. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Guillot and to you both, all the best- you surely deserve it!

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