Tuesday, September 22, 2009

McMichael Twins - I'm Lovin' It!

Carter & Cara McMichael just turned 1 year old and though they can't quite walk yet, they can crawl as fast as any toddler can stroll. Mom Kelli and I, along with the baby's grandmother began our shoot very early. Fighting off mosquitos that would send indiginous jungle folk running we started snapping photos as quickly as possible in order to get out of the swamp like conditions. Little Cara was none to happy about being down in the misty dew but Carter liked the rocks and grass and quickly began working his magic on the camera with those big blue eyes. At our next stop, the babies swapped personalities as sister got her groove back in front of the lens while her brother wanted no part of it and began scooting away. Both twins adjusted quickly when we finally stripped them down to their diapers for "naked baby" shoot time. As you can see by the film below, they loved on one another and clapped and coo'ed; happy to have their skin cooled by the absence of clothes. This was my first photo-shoot with twins and it was definately an experience that I'm happy to have shared with two as sweet as these. Enjoy!

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