Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celeste & Her "Triplets"

Celeste Brown is a beautiful mom with three very unique looking kids. I met this incredible lady for the first time when in Texas last week. We got off to a very late start due to the unavoidable traffic in San Antonio, but ended up with incredible light for the shoot. Cade, the oldest of the three is very independent, very much the loner and is very into bugs and crawly things. I love his red hair and deep blue eyes. Gage whom Celeste calls her "little George Clooney" is in fact one beautiful little boy. The artist of the three, Gage stood next to me in many of his sister's shots calling out direction for each of her frames. And last, but not of all least, is Lauren. This girl is 100% priss. She wanted to be a "supermodel" in every shot and most of the photos captured of her shows her making the most adorable poses. If she can't be a supermodel, Lauren told me she would love to be a ballerina. This girl rocked her some cowgirl boots and bathing suits and had the sweetest laugh. Needless to say, this group was a handful but their energy and personalities came through perfectly in each and every shot. I loved their photos and commend Celeste for handling what she herself compared to triplets as these babies are 4,5&6 years old respectively. Though Celeste is a lawyer in San Antonio, I've got no doubt that any courtroom presents a harder job than mom to these three and she's definately seems to be holding her own. Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of such a singular challenge. I look forward to working with you fabulous 4 again soon!

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  1. Celeste, your children are gorgeous! and you are still looking great like when I first met you vacationing in Mexico 20 years ago!!! God bless u and your family.