Friday, July 31, 2009

Sophia Estes 2 Year Portraits

I can't get over how grown-up this little girl is and how cool it is to me that I've had the honor of watching her get here. (This is the 3rd shoot I have done with her in the past two years of my business.) I've always loved Sophia's expressive face but it's all the more charming now that it is framed by so much red hair! This photoshoot was done shortly after a severe thunderstorm had passed through the area and as such, the air was thick and muggy and the heat could have rivaled any steamroom around. Sophia wasn't deterred a bit though. She posed for me and my camera, crossing her arms and monkey'ing around. And how hard it is to look away from those dark eyes- they're almost onyx in color and pull you straight in. This baby is truly unique and I always enjoy getting to spend time with her and her sweet family. Happy birthday Sophia and many more to come!

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