Friday, May 8, 2009

The Early Graduate!

I got the call late this week from a very excited mother who informed me that in a major surprise, her daughter was graduating a year earlier than expected! Amber, or "Gully" as we affectionately call her for her gullible personality, was completely open and excited about her Senior shoot. We made the trek out to her grandpa's land in Kokomo where we braved a monsoon and then back towards Hattiesburg to capture her sitting at her grandmother's grand piano - a very fitting picture for the talented pianist that Amber is. The afternoon was a family affair with mom, dad, brother, grandparents and cousin in tow as they watched their girl take on a right of passage by having these portraits shot. I also want to put out there that I've always thought her to be a pretty girl but after such an up close and personal shoot it's confirmed: Amber is an absolutely beautiful young lady. And with brains and a personality like hers, I expect nothing but great things from her in the future. Congratulations girl - I had a blast!


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!... Nicole better watch this little hotty. Jk... Love Gully:)

  2. I love the one in the rain! It's Awesome!!

  3. love love love the rain shot!