Monday, April 27, 2009

Engaged!: DiDi & Tyler

I learned a lot about this adorable couple as we stomped about the city of Columbia Sunday afternoon to capture their engagement photos. As DiDi tells it, she and Tyler were great friends for 2 years before she decided to give the "nice guy" a chance and finally date him. Since then, she's not looked back. Tyler says he knew he was in love with DiDi the second the words popped out of his mouth to her. He wasn't one to just throw such an important phrase around carelessly and so, when he told her he loved her, he meant it. The Southern Miss students (soon to be alumni) will celebrate their union in June and I can't wait to be a part in capturing their important day.

A Tender Moment...

Steamy on the Stepladder!

Meet Ms.Mollee - DiDi & Tyler's baby girl.

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  1. Brandy, you are incredible! I have to manually put my jaw up every time you post pics on here. Haha!
    I'm not sure when this would be, but would you be interested in doing a shoot for an album cover? :) I'm in the process of getting some songs copyrighted now, and I've already met with a producer in Nashville, and I'm just waiting on the right time to start recording. I'll keep you updated, but I just think your photography would be an incredible thing to have on the front of the project. ;)
    Love ya!

    Jaime Smyth