Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ocean Springs & the Ramsey Family

This past weekend brought about the chance to catch up with some very dear friends whom my husband and I rarely get to see. I was asked by Jason & Holly to come and take some photos of their family as well as some of their church staff for a new website that is being created. My husband Mitch was also invited to stay over and speak Sunday morning for Life Church of Ocean Springs where they currently pastor and so, an entire weekend was opened up to spend on the coast. What a time we had! I was introduced to a new (and very possibly my new favorite) sushi called the "Tonya" roll, the backyard fire-pit was lit to make smores (something I haven't done in 10+ years) and conversation flowed as freely as if we saw each other every day into the late hours of the evening. These are truly special people who are doing an incredible work in the beautiful town of Ocean Springs, MS. I love 'em very much and wish them all the best!

Pastors Jason & Holly Ramsey

Preston - He's the mischevious one.

Jalyn - She's breathtaking.

Braeden - 100% ALL Boy!

The Entire Crewe

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  1. I can't believe you were in Ocean Springs this weekend! ha I was in Biloxi doing my sister's shower!