Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Most Recently...

Dr. Greg Parvin of the Hattiesburg Clinic Pediatric Division commisioned me to do some photos for an ad campaign the clinic is starting. We did the shoot inside of Dr. Parvin's own built to scale, mini-theatre (which was gorgeous by the way) featuring the same little girl (Ms.Emilie whom was featured earlier this month on my blog) I had the privilege to capture just a short time ago and again- she didn't disappoint. Here is one of the many shots I snagged of this tiny diva. Thank you "Greg" for such an incredible opportunity.

Dakota William Karl Tomlinson is certainly a big name for such an itty-bitty boy, but something tells me he'll grow into it. This sweet little dude was a real champ for his first ever photo-shoot at just 6 days old. Dakota is the nephew of one of my dear friends, Brian B. who was so great to borrow the little fellow so we could catch his small sweet features before the "newness" wore off. I was more than pleased with the results and can't stop checking the photos out. He is an absolute angel.

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