Monday, April 27, 2009

Engaged!: DiDi & Tyler

I learned a lot about this adorable couple as we stomped about the city of Columbia Sunday afternoon to capture their engagement photos. As DiDi tells it, she and Tyler were great friends for 2 years before she decided to give the "nice guy" a chance and finally date him. Since then, she's not looked back. Tyler says he knew he was in love with DiDi the second the words popped out of his mouth to her. He wasn't one to just throw such an important phrase around carelessly and so, when he told her he loved her, he meant it. The Southern Miss students (soon to be alumni) will celebrate their union in June and I can't wait to be a part in capturing their important day.

A Tender Moment...

Steamy on the Stepladder!

Meet Ms.Mollee - DiDi & Tyler's baby girl.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sarah Money Bridals

Today I was fortunate to take part in a beautiful ceremony for Sarah & Chad Craft and stood as a witness to True Love. It was both tear jerking and beautiful. Just a short month ago, I captured their engagement photos in the Big Easy and was honored when Sarah asked me to shoot her bridals as well. Of course they couldn't immediately go on display, but since the wedding came to pass this afternoon, I was so excited to get these up to share with you my readers. Sarah is as beautiful on the inside as she is the out and I count myself blessed to call her my friend. Chad has found himself a true treasure and I wish them all my best. Congratulations Rev. & Mrs. Chadwick Craft!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ocean Springs & the Ramsey Family

This past weekend brought about the chance to catch up with some very dear friends whom my husband and I rarely get to see. I was asked by Jason & Holly to come and take some photos of their family as well as some of their church staff for a new website that is being created. My husband Mitch was also invited to stay over and speak Sunday morning for Life Church of Ocean Springs where they currently pastor and so, an entire weekend was opened up to spend on the coast. What a time we had! I was introduced to a new (and very possibly my new favorite) sushi called the "Tonya" roll, the backyard fire-pit was lit to make smores (something I haven't done in 10+ years) and conversation flowed as freely as if we saw each other every day into the late hours of the evening. These are truly special people who are doing an incredible work in the beautiful town of Ocean Springs, MS. I love 'em very much and wish them all the best!

Pastors Jason & Holly Ramsey

Preston - He's the mischevious one.

Jalyn - She's breathtaking.

Braeden - 100% ALL Boy!

The Entire Crewe

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Most Recently...

Dr. Greg Parvin of the Hattiesburg Clinic Pediatric Division commisioned me to do some photos for an ad campaign the clinic is starting. We did the shoot inside of Dr. Parvin's own built to scale, mini-theatre (which was gorgeous by the way) featuring the same little girl (Ms.Emilie whom was featured earlier this month on my blog) I had the privilege to capture just a short time ago and again- she didn't disappoint. Here is one of the many shots I snagged of this tiny diva. Thank you "Greg" for such an incredible opportunity.

Dakota William Karl Tomlinson is certainly a big name for such an itty-bitty boy, but something tells me he'll grow into it. This sweet little dude was a real champ for his first ever photo-shoot at just 6 days old. Dakota is the nephew of one of my dear friends, Brian B. who was so great to borrow the little fellow so we could catch his small sweet features before the "newness" wore off. I was more than pleased with the results and can't stop checking the photos out. He is an absolute angel.