Friday, October 9, 2009

Wallace Farmer turns 6!

Right before I began this blog post, I text my friend Tonya (Wallace's mother), and told her what I am going to share with you. This boy is heartachingly, heartbreakingly beautiful and until we did this shoot, I had not realized how big he is growing up to be. When I first moved to Columbia over 4 years ago, Wallace was a 2year old little baby - now he's this long and lanky kid that asks questions that can completely stump you, who's baby blues are hard to look away from and who's fashion sense, thanks to his mom and dad :), can compete with the most hardcore stylists in Hollywood. He is so sweet - I've seen him be a total softie with his little sister Gracelyn but also 100% all boy! The shot of him here sitting against the wall completely showcases his "I'm over this" attitude, but nonetheless, he pulled through it and as always, the work paid off - photos worthy of any magazine or publication you can imagine, if I do say so myself. Look around, leave me a line and if you happen to see the little Prince around, wish him a late, but Happy Birthday!

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