Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tommy & Janette Wallace

I feel obliged to say that being asked to take photos for this couple was a tremendous honor. They do nothing short of first class and so I feel as if I've really made an impression to have been commissioned for this year's annual family portrait of Mr. & Mrs. Tommy and Janette Wallace. Cornerstone's of our community, these two share a story that has endured numerous hardships and triumphs but what is really cool to me is that no matter what the future holds, their legacy will live on in the lives of their wonderful children and grandchildren and so on. Because Janette had asked me a while back to think of something "different" for this photo-op, I got my brain to work and came up with the idea of putting the two of them together atop a Harley Davidson bike decked out in black leather as if they were about to hit the road for some long trip away - she liked the idea and said they had a bike so we decided to go for it. I was expecting an old skinny black machine - not the 900lb purple monster that they pulled up for the shoot. This ride was awesome and brought out the "teenager" in these two. As the morning wore on, it was evident to me that Tommy and Janette still love each other as much as they ever have and this makes me happy. Too often you see a pair who have been married for quite a while but they obviously have no joy - they're just together because it's the thing to do. Not so for this special couple - they truly enjoy one another and I believe their Christian lifestyle is a major basis for that factor. I've known this family for some time but this was the first time I really got an "insider's" glance into their lives and as I said previously, they are truly classy Christians whom I hope in many ways to model someday.

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