Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rain Around the Poseys

Jeff and Latalia Posey are two of the sweetest and most Christian people you'll ever meet as was proved positive to be on the day of their photo shoot. Despite of the on again - off again rain that fell, this lovely couple and their 4boys Tyler, Jeremy, Josh & Christian braved the drops and made what could've been a miserable afternoon into a fun one. No father loves his boys more than Jeff, who chased down sand-crabs and tossed his boys up in "airplane" rides and with the kindness of a loving mother's heart, Latalia indulged them the tide-pool puddles and wet blue-jeans as she laughed it off saying, "boys will be boys". One of the few beach-ops that I've participated in, I enjoyed the time immensely and can't wait for my next one. But who can blame me when you see how gorgeous (even amidst sub-par weather), these portraits turned out to be...


  1. Beautiful!!!!

  2. So adorable!! Great great pics... Love this Family

  3. A beautiful display of what God meant for a family to be...