Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Swanners & Jen

Today I had the priviledge to photograph one of my dear friends and her "brood". In a twist of fate, the three of them were home this weekend in celebration of her "29" birthday and as a gift to herself she gathered them up for an impromtu photo-op. Included in those captured was Ms. Jennifer Cobb - Tyler's (Twyla's eldest) special one, and we were gifted with the opportunity to do the shoot in Twyla's very own secret garden. Anyone who knows Twyla can forsee the endless possibilities she and each of her unique children could offer in artistic photography and with that in mind, we preceded to do just that. Here are a few of my favorites also featuring Tayler and Tyren and the family cat, Izzy, who would not quit jumping in and out of her own shots at random. Happy Birthday Ms. Twyla and 100 more!


  1. Love them ALL! Ha let me know whenever you coming to Chattanooga, TN and I'll show you some intresting places that I've seen in passing that would be cool places to do photo shoots

  2. The cat in the birdcage is a-maz-ing