Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Haley Sistrunk Senior Portraits

Haley is a beautiful girl from the inside out and it was my pleasure to shoot her Senior portraits inside the capitol city of Mississippi. Jackson is full of history and endless backdrops and with Haley's many wardrobe changes, we got to experience quite a few of these panoramic cityscapes from downtown at the Capitol building all the way to the other side of the tracks in town. Enjoy her smile!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Campbell Family Portraits

High atop a mountain in the city limits of Escondido, CA sits a beautiful house wherein lives a beautiful family. Karlene, the lady of said house rules as Queen with not one, two or even three men in her life to serve her hand and foot but five! Her husband Rob is a kind and quiet man and 17 year old son Nick reminds me of his dad. Next we've got Luke who is 15 and sort of seemed to be the peace-keeper of the group, followed by 13 yr old Jacob who was still the baby of the house until just a short time ago when Levi (now 2) was born. Levi now obviously rules this roost but is obviously adored by all of his big brothers. It was a pleasure to get to meet this sweet family and visit their gorgeous home where views of the Big Bear mountains snowy caps were caught around every treachrous turn we wound around to get to the Campbell compound. This family is tight-knit and I love that Rob and Karlene are still so in love. It was a pleasure to meet them all and be able to capture their family on an such an amazing afternoon. Thanks Campbells - I look forward to working with you guys again soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paxton Price

It's pretty cool to me that the last time I met with MaryBeth Price, little Paxton was still tucked snuggly inside of her like a baby kangaroo in mommy's safe warm pouch. Now, at six months old here the new baby is. A complete and total butterball, he patiently endured the outfit changes that his mommy put him in and out of and grinned happily exposing the two cutest bottom teeth in his tiny mouth. With grandma along to help distract Paxton while MaryBeth primped the little man we managed a good variety of super sweet shots. What an adorable baby he is!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lincoln Jack Turns 2!!

So there's this boy... and he's beautiful. Clear blue eyes, full pouty cherry red lips and the sweetest personality you've ever come across. But sorry girls, he's only two. With his big sister, Jane-Claire as my "assistant" for the shoot - she, Jack and I ran the roads right here in rural Mississippi for the little man's two year photo-op. Jack is an aspiring musician and we shot him with not only his drums but an acoustic guitar and tamborine too! The fedora only adds to his charm and I am so happy to finally get these posted. Leave me a comment - I love comments and be sure to wish Jack a happy birthday as well.